Ryan Reading

Team Leader

Ryan resides in a small community on Lake Erie in Chautauqua County, N.Y.  He attended college at Jamestown Community Business College for economics and business.  He currently has three children and two German Sheppard dogs. Hunting and fishing is what he grew up doing and he considers himself an outdoors man.

He started researching Cryptic subjects, such as Aliens, paranormal and specifically Bigfoot after having sightings throughout his life. Like many, after his sightings he wanted answers, but there were no real professionals to turn to. Hence, he started his research. He will usually get into the field three to four times per week.

Ryan has created a journal on events in hopes to understand how all the cryptid subjects coincide.  He has filed for permits in New York State for DNA collection purposes and has previously collaborated with a University in NY to obtain testing results.

In 2015 he shared some evidence in a documentary called, “I’ve Seen Bigfoot”. He feels that changing the way people look at these unexplained subjects is one of his goals in his research as well as by sharing on social media platforms he may gain public interest.

Remembering Lost Team Members

It was a rough two years for WNYBF from Twenty sixteen to Twenty Eighteen as we lost two team members as well as irreplaceable friends.

Jonathan “Johnny” Christopher
Brian Lidlow

Thank You for Your Service Ryan!

Here’s a little history to share about Ryan! In 1999 he enrolled into the Delayed Entry Program with the United States Army from his hometown of Dunkirk, New York. Here is an old clipping that was saved from the local newspaper.