WNYBF Research

WNYBF Research

Since his journey begin in 2013, Ryan has accumulated much raw data while searching for Sasquatch as well as the creation of an algorithm project that puts it all together.  With that said there is one element to research that can’t be emphasized enough…

Base Camp

There are many styles of research and many reasons people search, but one thing is usually a constant; Base Camp. Having a base set up in a specific location will allow you to be present in that area for a given amount of time while you recon the perimeter areas. Base Camp becomes one of the most crucial areas you utilize to perform your search so be sure to make sure it is a comfortable feasible location that provides the amenities needed to perform well in the field.

The apple pictured here was bitten during one of my research experiments.  You’ll notice how large the bite is as compared to that of a human.  Pretty well half the apple is gone!

Go to this page to view the July 2, 2016 footage of a Sasquatch in the background, a little deeper in the forest watching Ryan. Ryan actually feels he’s being watched before finally seeing the creature that was filmed as well as possible others. Click the image to get to the page to see an analyst done by TriDiver as well as Ryan’s own breakdown of what took place.  Click the image.

Click this photo to see the GIF animation of what is believed to be young Sasquatch.

Completed circle

The map pictured above was pieced together over a lengthy time span while following a family pod of Sasquatch. Each pin on the map represents an event that indicates the movement of this family unit. These events include both visual and audio evidence, recorded or logged and we logged everything; footprints, screams, howls, trail camera photos, apples eaten, tree breaks, structures, etc.

On our journey we had been led in this large circle type pattern. During our search, we had encounters with the creatures on 6 different occasions. The team was able to learn how these creatures moved over a vast area. We determined the way the unit moved was more of a strategic nature instead of just ” willy nilly”. We attempted to correlate reasoning of why they moved in this cyclical pattern, “Was it food, water, etc.?” Our answer really came down to one thing… SURVIVAL.

Ryan has utilized Google Maps and done a great job creating an interactive Sasquatch sightings map complete color coded class legend. As many other states outside of the Pacific Northwest you will find it surprising how many they are in New York State.


2018 Chautauqua Lake Bigfoot Monster Movie Night & Expo

Ryan was a guest speaker included within the ranks of Steve Kulls, Doug Waller, Seth Breedlove, Paul Bartholomew, Paul Mateja and Peter Wiemer at the 7th Annual Chautauqua Lake Bigfoot conference.

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