Prospecting runs hand in hand with metal detecting. That was the real reason I entertained doing some Prospecting. It’s a hobby that can reel you in once that gold is found. It’s called “Gold Fever ” for a reason, meaning those little yellow nuggets can change any person that will let it.

Prospecting can be a profitable hobby if you know what to look for. Many people follow the “Pay Streak”, as it’s called. This is where the gold is embedded in the rock where it either has to be extracted in a washout or river bed where the gold has fallen due to water or glacial till. You will have to study your region and maps to learn where gold is or can be found.

Depending on your location, your basic set up usually is a few gold panning pans of different statutes, a rock hammer, a small sluice and smaller items like a snuffer bottle and even magnifying glass. All these items will help you along the way.

The old saying is “Gold is where Gold is found” and there has never been a truer statement. You may find gold in one small area and then it disappears causing you to change locations. Gold may follow the inside bends on creeks or the sides of old stream walls high above the water. You just never know where that next deposit will be found.

Prospecting becomes trial and error of where to locate gold. After a while you learn better locations and possible sites to follow using terrain. Detecting river beds and steams can also help locate gold. Just enjoy what you’re doing and the journey that goes with it and maybe one day you too can find that elusive gold so many searches for!


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