Metal Detecting

Metal Detecting

Metal detecting is a hobby in which history comes to life. Years ago, I would watch people swing their detectors and it always fascinated me. I wondered “What are they finding?”  I decided in 2009 to learn more about detectors and how they operated and it opened up the entire world of “Dirt Fishing”, as it’s called.

I read forum after forum and a book or two; even some videos online about decent detectors and how they work. Eventually, I decided to purchase a metal detector. My first detector was a Garrett Ace series 250. This detector was an entry level detector that wasn’t too good at discriminating targets and sounded the same on every target it moved across. Finding things was easy, but having to dig them up was hard since every target had to be dug! Later on, I had moved into the better Garrett models such as the AT Pro, Gold and Max which I swing currently. The range of target discrimination is more advanced helping identify the target. Along the way I have used the Deus, Etrac and Minelab 705 series detectors. All of which hold their own with a learning curve.

The hobby to me came naturally and I was hooked after finding some coins. Many people use old maps via GIS or Historic Map Works to map locations that possibly held old home sites or caches or wrecks from years past. This was a great way to find things that others may have not found because none may have known what that specific cellar hole or location was.

Detecting from city to countryside is a great time, especially if you team up with friends or other local “Detectorist’s”. It gets you outside into nature which is good for the mind, body and soul! You may even find a nice thing or two and some may even strike it rich. It all depends what you find and that is the draw!

Today, I still swing my coil to the soil in hopes of finding riches. The coins and relics I have found over the years are what makes it fun, but I am still looking for the piece of gold, just to say I found it. If your ever interested in the hobby make sure you look up some of your local Detectorist’s online. Many will help and steer you in the correct direction. Detecting communities are at an all time high in 2022 which will help you feel comfortable entering the hobby itself, just ask for advice. Good luck in your hobby and on your detecting journey!

If you’re looking to buy a metal detector let me know via my contact page and I’ll hook you up.

May 1 2022 a buddy of mine Dominick and myself decided to go and do some swinging. As we say “coil to the soil”. We pulled up the historical maps of Chautauqua County, NY; 1867 map to be precise. We focused on a location in the town of Charlotte, NY. The site had been marked as an old schoolhouse.

On our way out we stopped at two sites that we did not see on the map, but we noticed the cellar hole foundations with one having a partial wall still standing. We decided to swing for a bit at this site.

This site had a lot of iron with good targets that was not too discernible. We did find some iron items but nothing of significance…

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