New York Bigfoot Central was created as a hub for the research amassed by Western New York Bigfoot, as well as for everything outdoors pertaining to our target species.  We feel the better one understands their quarry’s environment the greater their chances of understanding their target.

My name is Ryan Reading and as most in this field, I have an enormous passion for the outdoors as well as for Sasquatch. For those that aren’t aware, I had my first Bigfoot sighting in 2013 while metal detecting. I’m also a lifelong hunter and was fortunate to learn the ways of the woods at a young age. This has taught me many things including how to respect the outdoors and cherish its beauty. More importantly it has taught me skills and ethics that are instilled into the very soul of the Western New York Bigfoot team.

Our team will eclipse everything that has to do with the search for Bigfoot and share our findings along the way, including and not limited to hunting or metal detecting. We feel that both of these pastimes lend themselves to the investigation of Sasquatch.  They each give you purpose or a “hall pass” if you will to be in Bigfoot’s “living room”, making yourself available to be viewed by Sasquatch.  This then leaves you with the challenge of recognizing when you are being observed and subsequently locating the perpetrator.

Our maps, books, photos and videos will provide an outlet for many to join us on our search. Collaboration, high end equipment, sighting report maps will all assist us as our boots hit the ground on a wide array of properties and will help bring our Bigfoot studies into your home. We hope you find our website interesting and appreciate your continued support.